Heroic Netherlands Teen Slips “Send Nudes” Into Public Broadcast

In news that can be filed under ‘extremely good’, a teen managed to sneak a ‘send nudes’ into a live segment during NPO News on NOS, a public broadcasting station in the Netherlands that runs 24-7.

The news station was interviewing a student – presumably about some new learning program, tbqh it doesn’t actually matter – when the dude next to her changed him computer screen for a split second to read ‘SEND NUDES’ in giant caps.

(h/t to Mashable for the gif.)

It only appeared on screen for a moment, but what a beautiful, shining moment in a sludge of less-perfect moments it was.
We’re wildly assuming we don’t need to tell you that send nudes – as well as being an obvious request for sexually explicit pics – is a meme. It’s what the teens do online when they’re bored of furiously wanking and/or taken part in dumb internet challenges. They make highly elaborate memes.
Everyone needs a hobby, and this one we can get behind. 
Photo: NPO News.