Here’s Every Essential You’ll Need To Prep For O-Week If You Wanna Make A Serious Impression

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Ah, O-Week: it’s a truly wonderful, mystical and magical time. I remember my own O-Week like it was yesterday — it was 40 degrees all week, I wore heels every day (why), and Shannon Noll was the surprise on-campus performer, which was a huge deal in 2016.

For those yet to experience O-Week, it’s the chance to get your uni’s whole lay of the land down pat. You get a full week before class starts to suss the cool hang-out spots on campus, figure out what the best watering holes in the vicinity are, and of course, you get the chance to debut your new and improved uni-persona to the world.

It may sound overwhelming, but it is a lot of fun and an excellent opportunity to make some pals before you dig into the nitty-gritty of study. So, here’s what you should prep before diving in.

Sort out your aesthetic

After wearing a school uniform for 12 years, you’re probably fanging for the chance to pick an outfit every day. Use the opportunity to go all out — make a million and five Pinterest boards, go on a thrifting spree with your pals and sell your unwanted oldies on Depop.

O-Week (and uni in general) is a glorified fashion show, and if you treat dressing to impress like a sport…now’s your time. Make your statement as the on-campus IT-style icon. Wear the obscure 2010’s band merch to attract your tribe. Test out the Euphoria eye-liner looks you’ve been practising all holidays. It’s your time to shine, baby.

Get your self-care routine in order

Uni involves a lot of late nights. And early mornings. And balancing studying, working and having a crazy social life. O-Week is perfect for getting all your self-care essentials sorted out before the hecticness starts. For example, signing up for the campus gym, saving a few quick and cheap meal-planning ideas on TikTok and setting aside five minutes for a small meditation are simple ways to start.

Given the late nights, getting a solid skincare routine sorted is smart too. If you’re strapped for a budget (darn the cozzie lives), options like Mecca’s kit: range are perfect for curating a simple yet effective routine. Products like the Universal Face Lotion ($38) and Mineral Water Cleanser $30 (made with energising Wild Rosella Extract) are great for giving your skin a spritz after pulling an all-nighter for an assignment, and the Wellness Wash ($34) is perfect for a little post-exam self-care shower time. They also come in adorable little red glass and aluminium packaging, which is perfect if you want to zhuzh the look of your bathroom shelves as well.

Do *the* stationery shop

There’s nothing more satisfying than a stationery shop. If you want to set yourself up for studying success (and buy heaps of cute pens and planners that give the illusion of organisation), O-Week is the time.

While uni is a fantastic time to make friends, making a solid impression on lecturers and tutors is also essential. They could help set you up for future career opportunities and mentor you through stressful times — so being the student with the syllabus printed out and ready to go in a crisp folder will likely get them on your good side.

Plan your activities schedule 

If it’s not already apparent, a tonne will be going on during O-Week. We highly suggest getting a solid game plan together, so you don’t miss out on anything important.

Plan when you’ll visit classrooms and attend all the course intro talks you need, and do not skimp on signing up for societies and hitting up the parties. You only get your first O-Week once, so make the most of it, folks.

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