Furious Froth-Lovers Boycott Coopers Over Marriage Equality Debate Video

Long a staple on the Australian beer market and widely considered the most drinkable of the ales available in bottle-os throughout the country, Coopers is now facing the wrath of what appears to be most of their market.
After publishing a promotional video produced in conjunction with the Bible Society that features two Liberal party MPs debating the topic of marriage equality (with the tagline “Keeping It Light“), Coopers have been inundated with one-star reviews on their Facebook page – 320 at the time of publication, and counting. 
It’s hard to overstate just how dear the Coopers brand is to Australia’s casual drinkers. The green-labelled pale ale is the rider of choice for many local bands, festivals regularly sport the Coopers logo among sponsors, and the fact that the company is family-owned meant it was cemented in many working Australians’ good books during the CUB workers’ strike and subsequent boycott. 
But all of this goodwill is clearly unravelling, as the 64% of Australians who support marriage equality make their opinions – and their heartbreak – known. 
Venues are following suit already:
The disappointment is palpable – no-one’s arguing that the South Australian brewery really know how to make a good beer. 
But the people have spoken: equality for all Australians is worth more than a tasty tallie, any day. Sorry, Coopers. You’ve really cooked it this time. 

Image: Facebook / Coopers.