Fresh Style Inspo To Keep You Looking Chill Now It’s Starting To Heat Up

Look if I’m honest, any excuse will do to revamp my wardrobe. Change of weather? New stuff. Can’t sleep? New stuff. There’s a sale on? Oh mates you can bet I’ll be getting some new stuff. And why shouldn’t I? I’m within my means to, I like new things and although I pretty much only wear one colour, there’s so many new things that I simply must possess.

And with Afterpay Day (aka AfterYAY Day) almost upon us on the 16th August (where you can get ya mitts on up to 60% off* some of your fave brands – online and in store – and not have to pay the whole amount upfront), the opportunity to get some new threads is far too enticing for my lil’ sales-loving brain to handle – especially now that the Aussie winter has apparently decided to nick off and leave us (not that I’m bitter, I just really love coats okay).

There are only 24 hours to make the most of this with a sneaky shopping sesh, so get yourself set up with an account ASAP. Besides, if you buy anything this AfterYAY Day, you’ll automatically get chucked in the draw to win one of five $2000 holidays**. So here are a few lil’ suggestions on what to get your hands on before summer’s in full gear.

Bite the bullet with summer threads

Start peeling off those layers. The time is coming to embrace shorts, skirts and sleeveless garments – and to finally escape the twelve pairs of stockings that you’ve had hidden under your jeans for added insulation (no? just me?). Let your skin breathe in some new threads.

Aussie summer is notorious for being humid so you’re gonna want to get some breathable fabrics that won’t have you feeling swamped by a straitjacket of sweat. Linen is a slightly more exxy item that ordinarily you might baulk at, but if you use Afterpay you can split the payment into four equal instalments and pay over time, by which point you’ll already be living the sweat-free life in your fancy linen threads.

Say goodbye to ya boots

Folks, I know. Boots are life. They are my reason for being, my pride and joy, the true love of my life (sorry to anyone I may date in future). I own a pair of boots for every occasion. But sadly, though I have tried, it just simply isn’t practical to rock a pair of boots as the weather starts getting a bit more sticky.

Grab yourself some nice, open-air shoes. Let your toes breathe, give them a lil’ bit of room. They deserve it. YOU deserve it.

Finally get that activewear, coz no more excuses

I don’t know about you, but my urge to go for a run or work out dials riiiiight down to about negative four hundred when it’s a cold winter morning. It’s just a physical impossibility to get out of bed, and really who would argue that?

But now that winter is slowly ebbing away, I no longer have any such excuse to avoid getting out and exercising again in the morning, so it’s as good an excuse as any to look into some activewear threads that’ll help keep that motivation up.

Score yourself a coupla swimmers

Be prepared, my friends. The time of beach frolicking is upon us. As someone who grew up in a beach-side town, buying your swimmers for the season was a prestigious event that all would partake in gleefully. Nowadays I do it in front of my computer, but there’s still glee.

Now is a good time to grab your cozzies because it’ll ensure you aren’t one of those foolish folk who leave it till the last minute and miss out on the prime beach days that inevitably happen earlier than you expect – these, friends, are the best days of the year. No crowds, great swimmers. It’s great.

Get some sneaky discounted winter goodies for next year

Mates, now is the time to strike. Now, we know that next winter is a bloody long way off, so some of the clothes that will be available won’t necessarily be in style by the time it rolls around. HOWEVER. Now is the time to grab the staples – a plain black coat, a good quality knit, jeans of varying colours and butt-lifting abilities.

It can be pretty expensive to splurge on all of this stuff at once, especially when you buy luxe products that last longer, but you can justify it more when you realise you’ll be splitting the payments across pay checks, so it takes the pressure off.

*Up to 60% off selected retailers. T&C’s apply.

**Competition closes 16th August 11.59pm AEDT. Permit no. NSW LTPS/18/26328, ACT TP 18/01389, SA T18/1272. T&Cs visit