Fred Perry And Ben Sherman Outlawed For Berlin Police

WWD has reported that Berlin Police Officers are banned from wearing labels associated with neo-Nazi subculture such as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman .

WWD Reports: While on duty, Berlin’s police officers are now banned from wearing 10 labels deemed to be popular among neo-Nazis. The brands Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, ACAB, Alpha Industries, Consdaple, Lonsdale, Pit Bull, Outlaw, Troublemaker and Thor Steinar have all been put on a black list. According to police authorities, the labels are seen as a sign of right-wing extremist views and it would be damaging for officers to be associated with such ideologies. Disciplinary action will be taken against officers found wearing any of the brands at work. But the move has been controversial. Some of the labels have objected to being lumped into the same category as brands such as Thor Steiner, which has strong links to neo-Nazi groups. Although both Ben Sherman and Fred Perry are sometimes popular among right-wing extremists, both labels have done a lot to distance themselves from such groups, by restricting outlets and publicly objecting to extremist ideology. Germany’s police trade union, meanwhile, has also protested against the new ruling: Officers working undercover at neo-Nazi events put themselves at risk if they don’t wear the same clothes as everyone else, say union representatives.