We Anonymously Fashion Police’d Our Office & Now Everyone Hates Each Other

fashion police
Contributor: Chantelle Schmidt

When you work with a bunch of likeminded people on the daily, you find yourself admiring the buffet of styles hiding behind big-ass computer screens. But no matter how ridic-good someone’s look may be, there’s always room to perk up a look or at least mix it up a lil’.

The below people put their hands up to be grilled by P.TV’s fashion police, with suggestions from CottonOn & Co.‘s ridic extensive range to perk up their style, and may god have mercy on their souls. Things are about to get real passive aggressive up in here.


The pretzel sucked but the view was divine ☀

A post shared by Josie Rozenberg-Clarke (@josieroze) on

“Show a little more skin – try a midriff cut-off top and maybe add a chain and thug it up.”

“Love the overall look but she could spice things up with a bold red lip, cat-eye sunnies (or the super thin 90’s ones), and mini heels. Think Bella Hadid vibes.”

“I feel like this outfit needs a belt and the hat around the other way, then it’s got a cool 80’s Back To The Future vibe.”

“I reckon something as simple as a maroon lippy could take it from caj to caj-chic.”


“Jared’s got the vintage thing down with this but I reckon one of those epic 90’s fluro patterned caps and some round, thin-frame sunnies would make it killer.”

“Replacing the short sleeve tee with a long sleeve one would go a long way.”

“Stay home. Haha.”

“Adding a black or denim jacket would upgrade the look.”


Palm beach ????

A post shared by Elise Stitt (@elisestitt) on

“I feel like this outfit needs to go more formal or more casual, so maybe a red lip and hair up?”

“Swap out the dress for a turtleneck, and perk it up with a red lip and boots.”

“Add a belt to this dress – even belt up the trench to add shape – and a beanie would look super cute too.”

“Elise’s outfit would look perfect with a felt wool hat. You know, one of those floppy ones.”


Act natural.

A post shared by Melissa Mason (@melissamason_) on

The top could be spicier with some off-the-shoulder sleeves and I’d love to see her hair in a bun with the fringe out. A round, woven side bag would be cute, and a silk neck scarf would be the perfect finish.”

“Swap the jeans for some daisy dukes and a straw hat.”

“A chunky belt would give the outfit a little more edge.”


Just having a bit of froyo outside

A post shared by Matt Hopkins (@mopkins88) on

“Matt should add some colour with some zesty hickies.”

“Matt’s look is sick, but I reckon personalising the denim vest would take it to level 10. Like vintage badges, patches, that kind of thing.”

“Would love the denim vest to be a denim jacket to break up the black in this look.”

“Simple – swap out the Connies for brown boots.”

Constructive criticism: we could all use a lil’.

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