Five Fashion Must-Haves For Your Winter Wardrobe That’ll Actually Last

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Let’s say, hypothetically, your bank account suddenly grew by $2,000*. What would you spend the extra dosh on? Perhaps a collection of fashion must-haves designed for the cooler months because  you bought your one and only durable coat back in 2010 when your arms were shorter? Or did the coat just shrink after you took it to the dry cleaner’s for the first and only time?

Yep, we’re talking investment items – ones built to last. Sure, they’re a little more than you’d usually dish out, but they’ll also last more than just a few months, or even a few years, so you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

But let’s be frank before we get into looking at luxe fashurrrrns: we didn’t just pluck $2,000* out of thin air.

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And with that extra dosh you’ll be able to make purchases without breaking your budget. Whether you’re an online shopaholic or you prefer to go out and try on durable statement products in-store, we’ve put a little inspiration for you to suss out below.

Coats & Jackets

You’re gonna need a weather-ready coat and jackets to get through the winter, particularly if you live in a cooler climate than those of us up north. But don’t just reach out for something cheap to get you by, because you know full well it won’t last. C’mon, I’m sure you’ve been through this before.

Depending on where you shop, not only will spending a little extra get you a better, more durable product, but we’d wager it’ll probably be warmer, too. We’ve put a few examples for you below.


The long reign of the handbag/tote bag/gym bag is dead, and now we are all about backpacks. They’re convenient and cool, but we all know the perils of a cheap bag, whether it’s a faulty zipper or uneven straps.

If you’ve saved up the cash, you owe it to yourself to own something that lasts, and a good quality backpack can last years. Treat. Yo. Self.


Keep track of the time, guys. It’s what adults do, and you’re an adult, right? You’ve now been in this shopping centre for three hours and your phone is dead and you don’t where your ride is. A watch would’ve kept you out of trouble.

Sure, you could rely on your phone for the time, but we all know how painful having to dig it out your pocket or bag every time you wanna check it is, so eliminate that high school-era behaviour. No, not the same brand of digital watch your dad wears, a nice watch. You wanna look good, too, yeah?

This is what we’re talking about:


You definitely want some long-lasting boots to see you through the winter time, because let’s be real, you’re going to be trekking through puddles. Also, a nice boot transitions effortlessly from an office environ to a night out, so it pays to have something sturdy if you’re covering multiple scenarios.

And when I say sturdy, I bloody mean it. There’s nothing worse than splashing out a bundle of cash on some really nice suede boots only to have them turn to trash at the first sign of moisture.

I’m thinking more like:


You can never have too many pairs of jeans during the colder months, but maybe go for ones in different shades and cuts. No one needs six pairs of high-rise skinnies.

Different brands will wear differently over time for everyone, so if you find that you tear through some faster than others, try switching to another. And yes, the same rule applies here – spending a little extra means better quality.

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