Experts Reckon Yuge Spike In Tassie’s MDMA Use All Thanks To One Festival

Astoundingly, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is beginning to think that the massive rates of MDMA use that a study found in a particular region of Tasmania might have something to do with the fact that there was a massive music festival at the time of testing. 
The recent report from the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program analysed toilet water (gross) at 51 sewage treatment plants around the country, essentially drug-testing a whopping 58% of the Australian population. 
It found that a people from certain site in Tassie, an area known only as “site 18“, appeared to have consumed more MDMA than anywhere else – more than double the next competitor, in fact. 

Now ACIC chief executive Chris Dawson has told ABC Radio Hobart that the unusually pingin’ pee-tests might have something to do with the fact that there might have been some kind of “party”-style event during the testing period. 

“I’ve spoken to the scientists personally about this, they’ve noticed on weekends you may have a much higher consumption of ecstasy because you might have a music festival or some other event.

“It may show in August last year when we tested for seven consecutive days, there may have been an event, there may have been a shipment come in which might have been the reason why it has presented so high as opposed to some capital city.”
People slamming down enough molly over a couple of camp-hard-gurn-harder festival days that is skews the readings so hard even a confirmed maths dummy (me) can see that the graph has gone screwy?
I just can’t believe it.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Robert Kohlhuber / Getty.