Draw Shit, Get Paid: Meet The Dude Behind Instagram’s ‘Badly Drawn Models’

TBPH, finding a role where you can do a really shit job and still rake in the money is the dream. Turn up late? Get a raise. Fuck up a drawing? Gain 60k Instagram followers.

Enter Brit artist Sean Ryan, who’s making a name for himself with Badly Drawn Models, the Instagram account that takes a drawing of a model’s face and just fucks it up, fam.

E.g. Cara Delevingne, whose eyebrows are tremendous but not half-way up her forehead.

And Xiao Wen Ju‘s eyes are aren’t so far apart they’re in different timezones IRL.

Xiao Wen Ju – @jujujuxiaowen

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And Jordan Barrett‘s eye is definitely not growing from his temple:

Jordan Barrett – @iblamejordan

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But yeah, badly drawn models, is kind of Sean’s ~thang~, although he’s also dabbled in rappers (Badly Drawn Rappers), authors (Badly Drawn Authors), footballers (we probably don’t need to spell it out at this point), and you, if you want.

He recently caught up with RUSSH Magazine for its ‘The Art Of Fun Issue‘ (out today) to discuss the irony of being approached by the agents of models he draws really, really poorly to draw another really shitty portrait.

“The idea of the fashion industry taking itself seriously was one of the reasons I was apprehensive about posting some of my drawings.

“I thought some models or agencies might ask for me to take their portrait down, or simply tell me they hate it. So, when models started asking to be drawn, and when agencies got in touch to see if I would draw a particular model, it was a massive relief.

“I’m constantly surprised by how positively people have reacted. When I first started Badly Drawn Models, I was conscious that people might think I was being mean, but I’ve only ever really had positive feedback. Even Marc Jacobs recently commented that he “loved” his portrait. That felt pretty surreal.”

He’s turned his artistic talents comedy to some of the industry’s biggest names: Kate Moss, Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne, our own Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Kia Low, Lara Stone, and Margaux Brooke, but it’s not just the famous faces that hook him in.

“I try to look for distinctive, different faces. Some of those I’ve really enjoyed drawing include Shaun Ross, Issa Lish, Stella Lucia, Freya Lawrence, Lineisy Montero, Lindsey Wixson, Natalie Westling, Molly Bair and Kelly Mittendorf, who all have really individual looks.”

There’s nothing like an individual look to morph into a physically impossible face shape: 

A massive congratulations to @maykamerino for opening @prada yesterday and walking exclusively for @jw_anderson last week!

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Also? He’s done a series of Mac DeMarco illustrations that he wants to turn into a colouring book.


And just so you know, Sean might be fashion-y, but he’s not faaarrrshion-y fashion-y.

“I had a pretty normal upbringing in a boring suburb of Liverpool,” he says. “It’s probably the furthest away from the art and fashion worlds as you can get.

“Everything I knew about those worlds while growing up came from TV, the internet and magazines. In fact, everything I still know about those worlds comes from TV, the internet and magazines.”

Bruh. Word.

Grab a copy of RUSSH October / November Issue 66 – The Art Of Fun Issue – for the full interview with Sean Ryan, on sale October 1 (that’s today). Or, check out his Tumblr.

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