When you come at the king, you better not miss. The same goes for popular science icons, too. 

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has committed a flagrant self-own by attempting to argue about climate science with Dr Karl bloody Kruszelnicki, and he’s been swiftly rebuffed by your favourite Hawaiian-shirted boffin.

In an ongoing series of posts, the avowed climate science denier took issue with a video Dr Karl reposted. 

The clip in question, compiled by the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), shows how much Earth’s surface temperatures have climbed in the past 140-odd years:

The thing is, Roberts doesn’t have much time for any of the actual experts in this field, including the poor ol’ NOAA. Read: he legitimately reckons they have fudged the numbers.

So, Roberts responded by claiming the data had been tweaked to align with the supposed human-induced climate change narrative, and that the info is meaningless in terms of proving human involvement:

Dr Karl responded in typical fashion, straight-up rubbishing both of Roberts’ assertions:

The senator arced up again, questioning the doctor’s logic:

To which Dr Karl responded with this academic put-down:

TBH, Dr Karl never actually made any comment on the video. He just asked people to check it out. With that in mind, this one is a pretty clear L for Roberts, whose distrust of legitimate science has veered into full-blown conspiracy mode. 

In any case, he wants to debate this further, as if his thorough scientific bollocksing at the hands of Professor Brian Cox on Q&A wasn’t enough:

If Dr Karl can win an Ig Nobel for his work on discovering how lint winds up in bellybuttons, perhaps he can find out how this bloke made it into parliament.

Source: @DoctorKarl / Twitter.
Photo: @doctor_karl / Instagram.