Design The New Dazed and Confused Cover

I interned briefly at the now defunct “Dazed and Confused Australia and New Zealand” and it was the funnest working week of my life. My first writing task was to review a bunch of video games, I was sent out to parties for “editorial” reasons and a member of one of the bands I interviewed eventually became my housemate. In short I have a soft spot for Dazed and if I was under 18 and British I would totally take part in their “teenagers issue”.

For the January issue of Dazed, we asked everyone under 18 and living in the UK to get in touch with an idea for an article about what it means to be young and British today. With the idea landing on homepages from Myspace to Channel 4, our inboxes soon started to buckle under the strain… so, we thought we’d make even more work for ourselves by asking you to do the cover as well.

So, how will it work? All of the fashion for this issue was shot over three days by designer Hedi Slimane, on a portfolio of British youth street-cast from various locations around London. We’re now giving you a downloadable Dazed cover template and three of Hedi’s images. If you want to use one (or all) of them, go for it – they’re yours to do with as you like. And if you want to use a completely different image of your own, that’s fine, too – it’s up to you. We just want you to make an exciting, attractive and revealing Dazed cover that says something about what it’s like to be young and British today. If you’re from a different country, you’re welcome to take part and just make a cover about what it’s like to be young today in your country.

As always Slimane’s black and white imagery is beautifully shot and oozes youth. Even if you’re over 18 and Australian head over to Dazed Digital and play Art Director with the photos, I’d show you my cover but it’s heinously shit.