Confirmed: ‘Vogue’ Editors Get Treated Differently

In her very first interview as Editor of Vogue Australia, the lovely Edwina McCann spoke to Pedestrian about the fascinating stigmas associated with her new role (think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada and the woman on whom the character is supposedly based) and exactly how she is reacting to these perceptions since her recent move from Harper’s BAZAAR.

“I’d love to say no [the way people treat me hasn’t changed], but I have to say yes! Which is kind of ridiculous and quite funny, as I’m not that type of person,” Edwina told us. “I do think that there’s almost a mystique around the position, I have felt an incredible responsibility to live up to that. I’ve had to go and completely re-buy my dog walking gear, which is ridiculous. I’ve never felt that pressure before.”

Having recently replaced Kirstie Clements as editor, McCann spoke to us about the direction in which she plans to take Vogue Australia, talking about what it means to be back on board with the brand, having worked in Vogue’s fashion cupboard at the very start of her career.

The full interview with Ms McCann will be up on Pedestrian soon so watch this space.

Words By Nikki Brogan

Photo by Mark Metcalfe for Getty Images Entertainment