Complex Geometries Vs. Jak And Jil

After his work for high-end Hong Kong retailer Lane Crawford, shoe-porn enthusiast Tommy Ton of street fashion blog Jak and Jil nabs his second look book credit this time for Canadian label Complex Geometries.

Titled the White Tee Project Tommy describes the collection as: “VERSATILE. MINIMALIST. FLUID. ANDROGYNOUS. ARCHITECTURAL. INNOVATIVE. COMPLEX.” We’d add diaphanous, directional and sexy as hell to the list of adjectives as well a side note reading: “restored our faith in the humble white tee”.

See Plain White T’s were pretty much killed for us after that mediocre pop band of the same name burst onto the scene and to be honest a plain white tee is always going to be, well, plain. Unless of course you’re the mastermind from Complex Geometries in which case a plain white tee can turn the wearer into a Mummy (the creepy Egyptian variety) or the sails of a yacht instead of a lame James Dean wannabe. God knows we already have enough of those. Check out the not so plain collection of white tees here.