Christian Faur – Crayon Art

The term “Crayon Art” brings to mind scribbled drawings of houses, stick figures and dogs conceived by six year old Picassos with a penchant for eating glue. These crayon masterpieces then adorn the refrigerators of obliging Parents who praise the artistic merit of their offspring’s shit-tastic work, then joke about it later when the kid’s asleep. I know my Parents did.

I have to agree with them though, I recently stumbled across the pictures I drew in pre-school and can’t remember eating mushrooms when I was five. But that’s the only logical explanation for how psychedelic these pictures were, any Brooklyn noise bands looking for cover art hit me up.

Anyway my point is, with colour names as camp as Garry Glitter (Wild Blue Yonder, Tickle Me Pink and Razzmatazz) crayons have always been kinda lame. Artist Christian Faur however, with his fresh approach to the humble crayon is slowly proving otherwise.

Explains Faur: ‘My earliest memories of making art involve the use of wax crayons. I can still remember the pleasure of opening a new box of crayons: the distinct smell of the wax, the beautifully colored tips, everything still perfect and unused. Using the first crayon from a new box always gave me a slight pain. Through a novel technique that I have developed, I again find myself working with the familiar form of the crayon.’

See Photos Via Buzz Feed