These Chanel Boots Are Equal Parts ‘Kill It With Fire’ & ‘Take My Money’

You can trust Fashion Month to come through with the truly bizarre style goods – we’ve already copped these Balenciaga Crocs abominations (or…. beauties?) and these Loewe monstrosities, which honestly – if ever the phrase “WHAT ARE THOOOOSE!?” just perfectly fit…

Basically, it seems like S/S18 is the season of the odd shoe. And Chanel aren’t here to fuck spiders – they dropped their own confusing footwear yesterday, in the form of a clear, thigh-high rain… boot….

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Look, we’ll be fair – these are far less polarising that the Balenciaga and Loewe footwear offerings. Hell, we’d almost go as far to say we’re kinda into them, at least from an aesthetic POV.

But then we considered the logistics here. These are PLASTIC. SHOES. Harken back to literally any time you decided wearing shoes without socks was a brilliant idea – shoes sans ventilation in particular – and you’ll recall a sold 12 hours of sweaty, slippery, stinky hell. This is that, times a billion.

The boots have low-calf, thigh-high and mid-calf versions, and the heel height can be adjusted. Which is cool if you like your rain-boots at death-defying heights or whatever.

We scoff and ridicule but let’s be honest – they’re Chanel. They’ll become a bloody trend and in two seconds every brand ever will have affordable knock-offs that sell out in seconds.

We may as well give in now and fashion ourselves a pair our of Glad Wrap, frankly.