Cassi Van Den Dungen Offered Elite Contract

Cassi Van Den Dungen the self confessed bogan and runner up of Australia’s Next Top Model cycle five has been offered a contract with New York based agency Elite a prospect which eclipses that of ANTM winner Tahnee Atkinson.

Speaking with Priscilla Leighton Clark a Top Model panelist and head of Australian modeling agency Priscilla’s revealed interest from the New York based agency was fierce.

“Elite in New York are desperate to sign her,” Leighton Clark said. “The phrase used was, ‘They are completely obsessed’. Contracts are with both parties.”

Leighton Clark also commented on the boundless potential of the ANTM runner up saying: “I think Cassi is incredible and a huge career is waiting for her if she wants it…The gods are smiling on her. If everything goes according to plan, I am sure we will see Cassi in a Gucci campaign.”

Who would have thought that a runner up could be more successful than the winner? In reality television parlance I believe that’s called “doing a Shannon Noll”.