Cabbies Prime Suspect In Slew Of Human Turds Found In A Sydney Street

Business owners in Sydney’s inner-west suburb of Ashfield are goddamn ropeable at the “daily occurrence” of finding human faeces in a nearby alleyway, and TBH, we would be too.

via Google Maps.

Tenants along Hercules Street have alleged that taxi drivers have resorted to using a vacant alleyway as a toilet overnight, and the resulting mess is almost enough to consider shutting up shop. 

One business owner told The Herald Sun he caught a taxi driver dropping trou over the weekend, saying “I understand drivers are expected to work 24/7 but surely there’s better options than this.”

The problem stems from a lack of public facilities in the area. The toilets at the nearby Ashfield Station are only accessible by those with validated tickets, and another toilet block within the vicinity can only be used by bus drivers.

So, when those taxi drivers wait to pick up departing train passengers, they’re left without any options outside of, well, allegedly taking dumps in a corner of the city nobody should be forced to poop in.

13 CABS is looking into the issue, with head of client services Simon Purssey saying “I understand ‘when a man’s gotta go, a man’s gotta go’ but if you’ve eaten a bad souvlaki and all of a sudden have to pull over you don’t do it in someone’s property.”

Apparently, GPS data from the cabs is being used to double check the business owners’ claims, and to identify those responsible. 

For what it’s worth, the council’s official line is that a new public toilet will be installed as part of a broader town upgrade a lil’ later in the year, but for now, shop owners are just going to have to hold it.

Source: The Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Google Maps.