British Pals Find Rando W/ Same Name To Travel With After Their Mate Pikes

Here’s a heartwarmer: nine friends in England planned a big getaway for their mate’s 30th. Then one of them had to pull out last minute, leaving a ticket and a hotel spot free – but all in the bloke’s name, Joe McGrath. What do the friends do?
Find another Joe McGrath. 

Taking to Facebook, they sought out Joe McGrath of Manchester and extended a very polite offer to come on an all-expenses-paid holiday with nine strangers to celebrate another stranger’s birthday. He said yes.
His boss gave him the time off, and he got a free holiday AND a whole bunch of new friends just for having the right name! The wonders of the internet in 2017, hey.
Our warmest wishes to the new pals. May all Joe McGraths be so lucky.
Source: NY Mag.
Image: Facebook.