Boozy Calippo-Style Icy Poles Are Coming To Us Just In Time For Summer

While it mightn’t feel like it if you live in shitty Melbourne, summer is most definitely upon us.
It’s approximately 37 days till the sprinklers will crack back into action, pluggas will yet again become an acceptable form of footwear and the sweat will start to drip down ya balls on your walk to work.
In news that will no doubt be candy to the ears of your average weekend binge drinker, infamous UK alcoholic icy pole makers, POPS, are finally arriving in ‘Straya
If you haven’t heard of them, they’re basically Calippos but with turps in it. Turbo Calippo. 

They’ve been in the UK since 2014, and have been embraced by the likes of Bella Hadid and Kate Moss. Heck, even Gordon Ramsey shut his mouth long enough to suck one back.

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Come December 1st, POPS will be available Down Under, with the icy pole company’s employees peddling them around on bikes at major festies and events. 
They’re releasing four flavours – the two we’re most looking forward to suckin back are obviously the Classic (a champagne pop with 38 calories) and the Bellini (Prosecco & peach flavour with a measly 56 calories). 
For those who are on a detox / under the age of 18, there’s also Strawberry & Mint and Apple & Elderflower.
Fuckin’ mwah.

Photo: Supplied.