Clear Yr Closet ‘Coz The Big Fashion Sale Is Going Online With Up To 80% Off Designer Brands

big fashion sale

If you feel like you need some retail therapy to cure your self-isolation blues, you’re in luck because the Big Fashion Sale is mere days away. Oh, and did I mention you can finally shop from the comfort of your own home?

As the name suggests, the sale is big and full of fashion-y goodness, which is exactly what you need right now.

Featuring one offs, limited edition and archived items from your favourite Australian and international designers including Alexander McQueen, Romance Was Born, Philip Lim and Isabel Marant among others.

Prices will be slashed across fashion, shoes, jewellery and accessories from all of your favourite designers, which means you might actually be able to afford those uber-expensive shades you’ve been eyeing off for months. Win!

The cult-fave sale is usually an pop-up exclusive, meaning that fashion lovers who aren’t lucky enough to live in Sydney miss out. But thankfully, the Big Fashion Sale team have launched an online sale to make self-isolation a little less shitty.

I mean, who wants to throw hands for the last dress on the rack when you can be sitting on your couch binge-watching The Office while you shop?

Let’s be real for a second, you’re probably going to need some new outfits for your post-iso events, so why not stock up now and score up to 80% off your favourite brands?

At up to 80% off recommended retail price, you could be rocking some legitimate designer clothing for a similar price than the fast fashion stuff you’ll likely chuck in landfill after one season. If you’re smart about it, you could pick up a few quality pieces in the sale that’ll last you for years to come. Why remember isolation for that time you ~maybe~ got too wine drunk in your bedroom alone when you can remember it for those cute sunglasses you scored for 80% off?

The sale kicks off at 9am on Monday May 18 on the Big Fashion Sale website, so set your alarm bright and early because the good stuff is sure to sell out quickly. Although you won’t literally have to fight for the last pair of shoes, these sorts of sales attract the most ruthless of fashion fiends, so prepare for things to be snapped up faster than you can click *add to cart.*

If you’re likely to forget, you can sign up to their newsletter here to be notified when the sale goes live.