If there’s one thing I know, it’s that men’s hair is way more high maintenance than it seems. I’m constantly fielding questions from my dude mates about which product will tame their curly mop, or what they can do to make their super-fine hair less silky.

Except I’m no hair expert – I just write about this stuff, folks. So instead I enlisted the help of Tarryn Cherniyaeff, owner of MOB Hair, for her advice on what you need to effortlessly style, depending on your hair type and ~lewk~.


If you’ve got curly hair, you need to get into it when it’s damp to lock the style in¬† – but you can go back in the next day on dry hair to rework it a little after you slept on it.

“For curly hair, use moisturising cream on wet or dry¬†hair,” says Tarryn.

This is also one of those hair types where the wrong product is going to make you look like an unhinged scientist or a poodle, so it’s worth a bit of a splurge on a product that’s high qual.

TRY: O&M Style Guru Styling Cream, $29.65, Eleven Australia Keep My Curl Defining Cream, $23.95.


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If you want that extreeeemely sharp, slicked back look – Tarryn suggests using two products in tandem.

“Run maximum hold gel through wet¬†hair,¬†then top with¬†hairspray or old school Brylcreem to finish the look,” she suggests.

The key here is getting to your hair while it’s wet – the more you let it dry, the greater the chance for frizz and volume to creep in later in the day. Also, if you’ve got kinks or waves – consider getting a hair straightener to iron ’em out first (if you have longer hair).

TRY: Brylcreem, $6.25, muk Slick Muk Pomade, $25.95, Davines This Is An Invisible Spray, $35.95


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This has to be the hardest style to nail – you can’t *literally* roll out of bed and achieve this unless you’re Chris Pratt.

“Work with dry¬†hair –¬†use soft hold clay if you have thick¬†hair, texture spray or sea salt spray for finer¬†hair,” says Tarryn.

The trick here is to not get too fiddly – scrunch and shake product through, but don’t start tweaking bits because you’ll end up using too much product, or making it too neat, you know?

TRY: Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, $63, evo Moulding Paste, $38, Fudge Salt Spray, $21.99


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If you want HUGE hair, or just lift at the roots, Tarryn says you need to get the blowdryer out.

“Starting with wet¬†hair, use root lift spray. Then using a¬†hair¬†dryer, and blow the¬†hair¬†in the opposite direction to how it falls for maximum volume. For extra volume after, sprinkle in volume powder,” she says.

TRY: Bumble & Bumble Pret-A-Powder, $18, evo Root Canal, $34, Remington ProLuxe Hairdryer, $129


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Here’s the thing with man buns. Sure, on the weekend you can just rake that thing back and rep the “did I not wash my hair for 4 weeks” look if you like. But what about in the workplace?

“To make a work-appropriate man bun,¬†add moisturising cream to dry hair to smooth, then tie it back and use serum to get rid of any fly aways. If this isn’t enough hold, spray hairspray into your hands and run over the¬†hair¬†for a slicked back look,” says Tarryn.

TRY: Oribe Supershine Moisturising Cream, $72, GHD Smooth and Finish Serum, $28, Tresemme Ultimate Hold Platinum Shine Lacquer, $7.99


If you like slicking your hair back but don’t want the end result to be sleek, Tarryn suggests clays and pastes over gels.

“Straight from the shower, comb the¬†hair¬†into position and add maximum hold clay or paste,” she says.

Make sure your clay/paste has a matte finish to avoid the wet look.

TRY: UpperCut Deluxe Matte Clay, $28, 

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