Zoella Organised Her Lipsticks & It’s Supremely Satisfying For Clean Freaks

In case you weren’t aware (how), Zoella is one of the biggest – if not THE biggest – beauty vloggers in the world. So obviously, she has a shitload of makeup at her disposal. So much so, in fact, that she has an organisational problem.

Not in the way we do, where we hoard half-used foundations and powders from 4 years ago and have to find the things that have grown mould/will give us contact dermatitis and chuck ’em out. She has so much shit, she literally dedicated an entire Instagram story to the de-cluttering of her lipsticks alone.

It’s primo content for anyone who enjoys the soothing, calming powers of a clean and organised pile of shit. Those people who put their books in a colour-coordinated row. Anyone who’s cutlery is actually in segmented sections and remains that way.

Here’s what it all looked like to begin with. NIGHTMARES.

It’s ok, it’s ok. It gets better.

*shudders* Is it hot in here?

Because Zoella has literally SO MUCH SHIT, she even has matte and sheer lip crayons separated. What the actual, Zoella. Now you’re just mocking us.

Also – satin and latex lips? What?

She even has a small section for “costume colours”, which for us is just “that one purple lipstick I bought from the bargain bin at the chemist”.

Zoella eventually got rid of loads of colours by taking out 9/10 of lippies that were the exact same colour. Tbh we totally relate – I absolutely own 10 red lipsticks that could all be confused for the exact same shade.

Eventually, she whittles it all down to something slightly more manageably (if envy-inducing for all us plebs).

Special s/o to her adorable pug, Nala. Look at her little jackettttt, oh my god. You know what, keep the makeup mate – just let me cuddle the dog for four hours and we’re even.