‘Bauble Brows’ Are The Trend For Christmas Psychos With Too Much Cheer

There’s literally a fucking stupid beauty trend per week these days, and I for one refuse to report on them all because usually, they’re so moronic and unwearable that really, it’s just attention-seeking from bloggers. But every so often there’s one that’s genuinely hilarious or potentially useful.

If you’re a Christmas fanatic, a literal elf all of December – here’s your beauty trend. I present – BAUBLE BROWS.

Why are we reporting on this? Well, every Christmas nerd wants to wear as much Christmas paraphernalia as possible. These are the people who will come to work with reindeer earrings in and buy those terrible Santa pyjamas unironically. I can say this because I am one of you. I am a psycho Christmas fan and I will not apologise.

Bauble brows are also easy to recreate. Sometimes these Insta-MUA beauty looks are ridiculously hard to emulate. But bauble brows is literally sticking some diamantes under your brow, and drawing a cute bow in eyeliner above it. That glitter wing you’re on your own with, however.

Wanna DIY? Use eyelash glue to stick the diamantes on – it’s the safest on skin. You’ll also need a fine-tipped liquid liner for the bows. To make your brows glittery, dip a spoolie into some clear mascara, then into loose glitter and run through brows.

There’s also this version, which is Christmas lights and would take a bit more talent on the face painting front:


Or go completely HAM and turn your brows into tree branches?



Christmas cheer level, 100/10.