Baby Crocodiles Found Swimming In Queensland Public Pool

Just six days into the new year and already we are confronted with what may or may not be the most terrifying/perplexing animal related news story of the year.

In an ungodly poolside scene of preposterous probability or Machiavellian design that we can only hope forced some elderly groundskeeper somewhere to shake his fist at the sky and exclaim “I’ve had it with these motherfucking crocodiles in this motherfucking pool,” a small number of baby freshwater crocodiles were found swimming yesterday morning at a public pool in Mt Isa in North Queensland. The infant death machines, adhering, apparently, to a collective New Year’s resolution to get out and meet more people, were chanced upon by a local doing laps who then alerted the pool’s manager, Brian Rodriquez

“He said ‘Brian I don’t mean to alarm you but I think there’s a crocodile in the pool’,” Rodriquez said. “We got everyone out of the water and we ended up finding five baby crocs swimming around. “Then we found another two wandering around on the concrete after that as well.””
Later, a further two more crocodiles were found in the compound, taking the total to nine. 

According to the ABC“The pool managers are reviewing CCTV footage to see if they can find out how the crocs came to be swimming laps in their pool.  Mr Rodriquez already has some theories of his own. “My guess would be that somebody’s just jumped the fence or chucked them in the pool and they’ve found their way to the water,” he said.  “Judging by their size – they’ll be a few weeks old – so maybe someone’s picked them up, probably from the lake, and taken them home. “Then they’ve either dumped them here to be funny, or they weren’t sure what to do with them now being that little bit bigger.”

Strangely, this isn’t the first inexplicable crocodile related incident to hit the pool. A one and a half metre servant of satan was found poolside in 2011. An artist’s interpretation below…