Australia Is The Ninth Best Place On Earth To Be A Woman

Despite the existence of this sad idiot, a study has found that we are the ninth best place on earth to be a woman. You hear that sheilas? Conducted by Newsweek and The Daily Beast, the study ranked 165 countries across five different categories – health, justice, education, economics and politics – as well as specific metrics such as Rugby League players per capita, income disparity, access to health services and laws protecting women from domestic violence. The findings? Scandinavia is to equality what Vegas is to questionable/terrible life decisions. It’s the epicentre. The region outscored Australia in almost every metric considered, with Iceland ranking first, followed by Sweden, Canada, Denmark and Finland. Australia – where two thirds of women and nearly half of men don’t think women are treated equal – came in ninth, just behind America and Norway. Our most apparent shortcoming was in “politics” where we ranked lowest among all top ten nations. Other than that, good job, us. Check out our ratings below…

9) Australia
Overall score (out of 100): 88.2
Justice: 80.7
Health: 93.3
Education: 93.9
Economics: 85.3
Politics: 65.1

Via The Daily Beast