Aussie VS Angel Bridget Malcolm Hits Back At ‘Eat A Burger’ Body Taunts

Australian Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm has penned a piece for The Saturday Telegraph, hitting back at commenters who criticised her for her weight and told her to “eat a burger.”
The 25-year-old model, who walked in her second Victoria’s Secret show this year, said that the online abuse directed at her “shows a lack of education and respect.” 
“I do not have an eating disorder – or a suit of armour,” Malcolm wrote, in response to claims that she is anorexic, simply saying that models, like athletes, “have to look after their bodies.”
She added that a model dropping weight before a show is like a jockey dropping weight before a race, yet “it is rare that I see their Instagram littered with comments advising them to eat a burger.”
Telling her trolls to “get a life”, she continued: 
“Eating disorders are a mental disorder and a horrific thing for people and their loved ones to go through … There’s a whole world out there beyond your screen. Go fill your short time on this earth seeing it.”

And that’s a wrap!! Beyond thankful for my second year in a row walking for @victoriassecret ?? thank you @ed_razek @johndavidpfeiffer @10magazine @monica.mitro and @vspink ????

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To be honest, I have no idea what your average jockey’s Instagram comments look like, as I don’t think I follow any, but now it’s literally all I can think about, so thanks for that.
Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Michael Stewart / Getty.