ATTN ECCENTRICS: FKA twigs Holding Open Auditions For “Extreme” Performers

English singer/songwriter/producer/director/dancer/most-interesting-person-on-the-planet FKA Twigs has put a callout on social media for performers of all genres to audition for a mysterious upcoming “project”. 

Are you an extremely wonderful/wonderfully extreme performer waiting for your big break? Are you free in October? Could you get to London if you really, truly had to? Well, if you do fulfill those narrow criteria, it’s your lucky day. 
FKA Twigs, AKA Tahlia Debrett Barnett wrote that she was looking for “performers of all genres to audition for a project i’m making in london this october. no talent or style is too extreme.”
Given how groundbreaking her work is, you best believe that when she writes “no talent or style is too extreme”, FKA Twigs probably means it. Here, for reference, is a video where she’s tied up bondage style by what looks like her own hair, over a weird liquid metal, while singing a – well, you get it: 
Photo: Facebook.
Source: NME.