Everyone’s favourite neurotic film maker Woody Allen is suing American Apparel a total of $10 million for using his likeness in billboard advertisements without his permission. The billboards feature Allen dressed as a Hasidic Jew and are taken from his own magnum opus “Annie Hall” accompanied by Yiddish script that translates to ‘the holy rebbe’…

American Apparel for those of you who don’t know, is a clothing company that due to pseudo pornographic advertising, back to basics designs and cheap costs of production (they constantly remind us that they’re a vertically integrated company like it’s some kind of economic miracle) has come to be the brand of choice for hipsters on the hunt for cheap unbranded basics. Head to hipster stalwarts such as pitchfork or lastnightsparty for evidence of their far reaching online presence – ubiquitous American Apparel banner ads usually feature some barely legal, ethnically ambiguous girl bending over, or spreading her legs, or topless, or chilling on bed, or a combination of all four. Translation? If you wear American Apparel I might just let you take off my two tone tights, feel my tits, and we can have sex while listening to Animal Collective.

Lets just thank God that Woody Allen wasn’t bending over, or shirtless, or spreading his legs.