Amal Clooney Has Reportedly Started Some Fashion Drama By Pissing Off Tom Ford

Hell hath no fury like a fashion designer scorned. And someone you probably don’t want to piss off in the fashion world is Tom Ford. Except apparently, that’s exactly what Amal Clooney has done, according to Page Six, who dropped an exclusive that’s spicy as shit today.

See, Amal’s dress for The Met Gala was originally supposed to be a Tom Ford creation. In fact, the designers team apparently slaved away on a custom-made gown for the human-rights lawyer for weeks. Except hours before the event took place, Amal allegedly decided to wear an outfit by British designer Richard Quinn.

Source: Getty

Now, it makes complete sense that a designer would be pissed if a celeb ordered a dress from them and then pushed it the hell aside hours before it’s debut. BUT it gets worse.

According to the “media sources” fuelling this article, the Tom Ford team was  “annoyed, obviously, but they were gracious, and said it was fine to go with [another designer], but they would prefer that Amal not wear the dress at all if she wasn’t going to wear it on the Met Ball red carpet.” 

Basically if Amal didn’t wear the dress at all, another celeb could debut it another time. Makes sense, right? Except what happened – according to NONE OTHER than Anna Wintour, who spoke to The Late Show about it – is that Amal insisted on changing into the Tom Ford gown once she was inside the Met (which EVERYONE knows means no publicity for the dress itself).

Part of me feels like I’m telling you this tale and I’m the Charlie meme:

Like I’ve spent too long with the story and now I can’t see anything BUT the story, but it’s wild right guys? GUYS?? Someone validate me.

Anyway for me the ultimate pinnacle event here is that apparently, Amal insisted on changing into the Tom Ford gown in the MET GALLERY GIFT SHOP. THE GIFT SHOP. What even? And apparently all the Vogue staffers, who co-ordinate the gala, were literally dying of mortification over the whole business.


But also how much does Amal seem like a “lol fuck those cunts” type of person? She really does.