All The First World & “Surely Not” Things We’ve Overheard At MBFWA

Maybe it’s the theatrics of it all, or maybe it’s something in the air – whatever it may be, there are no boundaries when it comes to the shit that’s said during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

This year has been no different, and we’re happy to report that there’s been some serious murmured mic-drops on the FROW-line.
So, without further ado, here’s what we’ve #OverheardAtMBFWA (so far):
Random: “So what do you actually want to do in fashion?”
Intern: “Be Anna Wintour. Like, that vibe.”

“Surely it’s Prosecco o’clock?”
“Can you tell Emily to move these lights? Someone just walked into one and undid her nose job.” 
“Does anyone have a spare bobby pin? It’s urgent.” 
“OK, um, a bunch of people are stuck in that lift. EVERYONE MOVE CALMLY TOWARDS THE STAIRS.”
“She only has 1,000 Instagram followers.”

“Remind me to get the number of your facialist later. Good help is hard to find.”

“FML, I just sprayed my hair with deo.”
“That vest is so fucking rank.”
“Just don’t have a show at 8pm if you’re not going to provide canapes. Now I’m hangry.”
“I’m not doing an outfit change today, I’m just going to commit to my look.”

Person 1: “Omfg, omfg, omfg, it’s…”
Person 2: “Yeah…”
[*Bella Hadid walks runway*]
Person 1: “I can’t.”

“People are going to say, ‘Where were you the day that ruffled jacket became a thing’, swear to god.”

“It’s weird that people were off Gigi [Hadid‘s] $2,000 MET manicure… A good one is really expensive.”

BTS wrangler: “All media out! I won’t be happy until I see the backs of everyone with a camera.”
Person 1: “When should I get streaks?”
Person 2, with zero hesitation: “August.”
“Who has my locker key? I need snacks before I punch someone.” 
A model, ordering at a pop-up coffee stand: “Do you have agave syrup?”

“Can you get a picture of me casually flicking my hair?”

“I can’t do gluten, but I ate the filling. You *can* have it all.”

“I’m going to wait in the toilet until the next show, it’s the most sane place here.”
At 10am: “Is it too early for wine?”
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Photo: Game of Thrones.