Treat Yourself To A New Hoodie For Iso And You Can Help People Struggling To Pay Rent

This Hoodie Pays Rent

Hoodies are inarguably the most comfortable piece of clothing you can own, and now, through an initiative with AIME, buying a hoodie can provide some financial comfort to others, too.

The youth mentorship non-profit has just announced This Hoodie Pays Rent, a movement that will provide assistance to people who are affected by COVID-19 and unable to afford their living arrangements.

The concept is simple: AIME has made a new Hoodie & 50% of the profits are going to people struggling to pay their rent. It’s launched today & being sold through their website. The other 50% of the proceeds are going to help AIME mentor kids.

Anyone who is struggling to find cash for their rent has been invited to apply to become a Hoodie Connector, which means you’re given a reseller code that you can share with whoever you like, and if someone buys a hoodie using your code, you’ll pocket 30 bucks. The money will be deposited straight into the Hoodie Connector’s account every two weeks.

AIME is also working with clothing brands to take on the this Hoodie Pays Rent print & raise $$ for those being left behind – they are set to be announced in the coming weeks.

This is just another step AIME is making to help “keep the world moving, hope in people’s hearts and roofs over their heads”,  CEO and Founder Jack Manning Bancroft explained.

The rest of the profits from the hoodies is split 50/50 between AIME’s mentoring projects, aimed to give a helping hand to our marginalised youth, with the remaining 50% spread out evenly among the registered Hoodie Connectors.

If you haven’t already heard, PEDESTRIAN.TV has also partnered with AIME for IMAGI-NATION TV, a new web series through our YouTube channel that offers 25-minute episodes aiming to educate and provide online mentoring in a non-boring way with non-boring guests.

I can’t stress enough how non-boring it is – don’t let the word ‘educate’ or ‘mentor’ throw you off.

So, there you have it. AIME just out there doing some good for people young and old during this truly scary time.

Plus, now you have an excuse to add to your hoodie collection without feeling guilty.