Hold My Poodle: Please Enjoy The Bold & Batshit Street Style Going On At Australian Fashion Week

afterpay australian fashion week 2022

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022 has officially kicked off today at its usual Mercedes-Benz spot of Sydney’s Carriageworks.

It’ll be going all week (as the name suggests) but so far the runway’s seen designs from the likes of Bianca Spender and Gary Bigeni, with Romance Was Born and Bec & Bridge to follow later today. Throughout the week we’ll also see St. Agni, Michael Lo Sordo, Aje, bassike and more.

Sure, people come to see the new collections, but mostly people come to just show off their loaned wardrobes and overall importance. So let’s not fuck any more spiders and get into the street style so far, shall we?

Violet Grace Atkinson

Not entirely sure who this person is but her profile tells me she is important and smart within the fashion landscape. Also her style slaps. Violet is wearing a… violet lavender Bianca Spender suit with Bottega Veneta boots and matching top.

Ksenija Lukich

Presenter person Ksenija Lukich wore a brown Bianca Spender twinset but avoided it being cut up by MAFSOlivia Frazer by adding pops of colour with purple bralette and acidic-looking Bottega Veneta clutch. Also, can we stop writing “and so it begins” for fashion week photos? Where’s the creativity.

Kate Waterhouse

Oh look! Another power suit. My thoughts and prayers are with Kate Waterhouse‘s photographer who clearly had to rush into the dreaded Media Centre to upload her SD card, pick the best shots and airdrop them to the horse-racing royalty in time for this to go on her Instagram by 2pm AEDT.

Shayne Tino

I’m picking up the Louis Vuitton he is putting down here.

Michelle Ruzzene


The Retail Beauty editor is coming thruuuu with this leopard Adidas tracksuit. 7 points just for not being a suit.

Nathan McGuire

What’s not to love about Nathan McGuire? The model is wearing ZEGNA and Sir The Label, keeping it practical in something regular people would actually wear in everyday life. Nathan will be walking the Indigenous Fashion Projects show supported by David Jones on Tuesday, May 10.

Sammy Robinson

One Mile The Label creator Sammy Robinson wore what looks like a puffer jacket belted up to be a dress? Unsure but as long as her upper-body is warm and she gets to promote her own label than sure. The caption? You guessed it! “And so it begins…”. I simply cannot and will not,

Khanh Ong

Masterchef fave Khan Ong is giving off real “I would rather be anywhere else” energy in BOSS by Hugo Boss. He looks great. That is all.

Brooke Perry

Another person, another blazer. With Bianca Spender on the Australian Fashion Week 2022 roster, I should not be surprised. I enjoy the boots and bike shorts even though this would look fucking horrible on me.

Jordan Turner

Love it. A Kelly Dolly hand-painted tee, Nique clothing culottes and Maison Margiela sneaks. Proof that it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it etc.

Fleur Egan

Well fuck me, stylist Fleur Egan never disappoints. It would be awkward if she did given she’s a, you know, stylist. Living for everything going on here, even though I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Chris Burt-Allan

The A Stylish Man founder is wearing a black KOURH get-up with white stitching which makes this not boring. Also, when I go and get lip filler, I am using Chris’ lips as the example goal. Gimme those peaks, you know?

Chloe Hogan

As someone who graduated a while ago, I am shocked how cool school kids are in their uniforms these days. It’s that energy that I’m getting here from stylist Chloe Hogan.

Annalise McLachlan

When has this angel ever fallen short? Known for her festival get-ups, model Annalise McLachlan is once again crushing it at AAFW. She’s wearing Sandro Paris.

Nikki Phillips

I appreciate the pop of orange but surely a tee in that scuba material can’t be comfortable? Also, Mariam Seddiq‘s show is tomorrow. Anyway, Nikki looks objectively fine. Brunch with the galz vibes.

Emily Gurr

Free the sternum! This person is someone who would be too cool to be friends with me. I also wanna know what boob tape was used because that is a paid partnership waiting to happen.

Anna Cocquerel

This should be boring but all the knots make it less so. What has happened to us in life where we hope to see things we would never actually wear?

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her on IG here.