ACT Confident In Legalising Same Sex Marriage By End Of The Year

CANBERRA! Come for the wide roads nobody needs because nobody lives there; stay for the gratuitous insults thrown toward it by every other Australian capital city <3 What a charming, tourist map-blackhole our nation’s capital truly is.

But for the first time ever, it looks like Canberra will actually be the cool kid who sets trends (rather than the awkward pariah who keeps trying to make Lake Burley Griffin happen) with the ACT set to be on track as the first state/territory to legalise same sex marriage, even despite last week’s election result which may suggest a different outcome. Chief Minister Katy Gallagher is confident the legislation will pass the ACT government, and is optimistic about the Federal Coalition government’s potential to overturn the legislation, despite Prime Minister-Elect Tony Abbott‘s noted personal stance on the controversial issue, and his blunt statement at the leadership debate last month that marriage equality would not be his government’s “priority.” 

Guardian Australia
 reports that Gallagher is positive that the ACT is ready to see change on Marriage Equality: “We’ve been pretty clear on this issue for some time now and there’s overwhelming community support for this,” she said. Ms Gallagher added that she definitely didn’t want to encounter Federal intervention, and certainly hopes to avoid being involved as “the first test” of the curiously formed, ramshackle ranks of the new Senate. Who knows, a topic like that may even cause some Kangaroo-poop flinging.
If the legislation’s progress goes as planned and is put to a conscience vote, the ACT could be seeing an historic change in marriage equality by the New Year, which certainly would be cause for a celebration. Convinced that once the ACT makes their move the remaining states would topple similarly like dominoes, and calling on Kevin Rudd’s strong stance on marriage equality, Gallagher said, The far-reaching consequences of changing the definition of marriage means a conscience vote of the Australian people, not politicians, is what is needed.”


Via Guardian Australia.