A ‘Little Mermaid’ Clam Bed Exists ‘Cos Everything’s Better Under The Sea

There is no one – no one – in this world who watched The Little Mermaid as a bebe kid and didn’t dream for the next 10 years about having their very own clam bed, a la Ariel and her annoying sisters. Just as a side note quickly – mate, those guys were the worst. Just let your younger, cooler sister live her life.

And let’s be perfectly honest – have we stopped with this pipe dream? No. No we haven’t. If someone came up to you in the street and gently whispered in your ear ‘a clam bed exists and it can be yours’, you’d get the all-over heebie jeebies but in a good way. Not in a ‘that stranger just creepily whispered to me’ way. 
Well, heebie jeebies assemble because yep, clam beds are real and purchasable and we need one now, now, noooooow.

This precious piece of furniture is from Portuguese company Circu. Full disclosure, it is technically a bed for a small child but lalalalalala shut up don’t ruin this for us. The “roof” lights up with a sort of blue-tinged night light, so you can definitely play mermaids in there. As a 28 year old. Hey, we won’t judge. In fact, we suggest the plot line of “the Mermaid Ball is coming up, but where is Princess Sparkle-Water-Wave? She’s gone missing, we must find her! But oh, no! A tidal wave is coming quick take cover in the clam bed!!“.
The company also has an entire bloody section of ‘magical homewares’, featuring furniture bangers like this air balloon bed:
This faux VW Kombi, that the site describes as a bed, but with a mini bar and sofa in it?? How, we don’t know. We don’t care. Keep the whimsical lifestyle goods coming, guys. 
That, dear friends, is a magic mirror. It has a 22 inch television in it. But it still looks like a mirror. Hoooooo boy, we are having a moment over here and might need a minute to compose ourselves.
Want the less-awesome news? These pretty babies will cost you. Big time. The clam bed retails at around $20k AUD. The van? A cool $56k. Mate. We might need to just settle for making our cubby house out of the couch cushions again, tbh.
Source: LLNYC.
Images: Circu.