A Fuck-Off Huge Banksy Exhibition Is Coming To Australia For The First Time

WARNING: Put down ya coffee before you read this! Your excitement will likely cause you to spill your morning caffeine-hit all over yourself. 
Are you a fan of street art? A bit? Sort of but not really? Well who tf cares, because the only street artist whose name you likely actually know is coming to Melbourne soon. 
A fuck-off huge exhibition featuring the work of mysterious street artist Banksy will be happening next month, stretching until the beginning of 2017. 
The exhibition is curated by Steve Lazarides, Banksy‘s former manager, who says, 
“This exhibition is a one off – never will you be able to see this amount of work in one place again.

 Once the show is over, the artwork will dissipate back to the other 40 collectors around the world, and the likelihood of them being brought together again in the future is very slim.”
‘The Art of Banksy‘ will contain such infamous pieces such as,
and, ‘LAUGH NOW’. 
There’ll be over 80 works on display, and local street artists (including Adnate, Kaffeine and Sirum) will display their own pieces outside the exhibition. 
This will all go down at The Paddock in Melbourne; we’ve been told ‘in the dodgy car park, behind the good car park, behind Federation Square‘.
During the whole 3+ months of the show, the area will be transformed into hub of art, food & dranks for you to enjoy during the summer months. It’ll have ever-changing food trucks, craft beer, cocktails, and the outdoor area ‘The Railyard’ will play host to live DJ’s on Friday & Saturday seshes for ya. 
We might never find out who Banksy is, but food trucks, beer and art will do us tbh, especially now that the weather’s getting a bit warmer. NICE. 
‘The Art of Banksy‘ will start on Friday October 7th, and run until January 22nd 2017. 

Tickets are available now; you can get them here: premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=BANKSY16

Source: Supplied.