A 30-Year-Old Man Has Been Arrested In Relation To The Westminster Attack

A 30-year-old man from Birmingham in the UK has been arrested in relation to the attack in Westminster which left four people dead.

The Metropolitan Police said the man was being held on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts. Another man arrested in Birmingham remains in custody. Khalid Masood, the 52-year-old who drove his car into a crowd of pedestrians before stabbing a police officer, was shot dead in the attack.

Twelve people in total have been arrested in relation to the attack. Nine of them were released without charge.

Scotland Yard have said they’re pretty sure Masood acted alone in the attack, but they’re keen to find out how he was inspired to do it and where he might have been exposed to inspiration. There’s little info on the ground as to exactly what these people are being arrested for.
There were revelations that Masood’s phone connected to WhatsApp just prior to the attack, leading many British politicians and commentators to demand intelligence services be given more powers in relation to messaging apps. UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that balance was needed between the “right to know” and “the right to privacy”.
Source: BBC.
Photo: Getty Images.