6 Women Turned Up To A Wedding Wearing The Same Dress & It’s So Damn Good

You’ve all probably heard that some people’s nightmare is turning up at a party or event only to find that someone else is wearing the same outfit as them. I have never quite understood why it would be that bad, but then again my idea of fashion is a t-shirt and jeans at all times.

In any case, a woman based in Sydney has caused a stir after posting a photo featuring the ultimate version of this scenario, on style steroids.

Debbie Speranza did what we all do, and purchased what she thought was a nice and appropriate dress to a wedding. Not only did one other guest at the wedding also wear the same fashionable dress, but five other women showed up in the same dress.


Debbie kicked it all off by posting a photo of the six of them on the Facebook page of the store Forever New where the dress was from.

She isn’t wrong, with the post currently sitting on 38 000 likes, the store is getting a lot of play. If the dress tickles your fancy, and you think it looks good on these six different body types, you can even head to the store and get it for yourself.

The website states that in the $159.99 dress, you can “Make an entrance-worthy appearance”, which is definitely true if you arrive at a wedding and everyone else is wearing it.

If the women want some advice on how to transform the dress into something more unique, I suggest they check out ‘The Simpsons‘ for some advice.

Talk about showing up the bride.