Here Are 6 Online Vintage Stores To Suss For Your Next Virtual Thrifting Binge


To put it bluntly, shopping vintage is just endlessly cool. Nothing truly compares to the feeling of copping a perfectly curated ’89 Nike sweater that you know you won’t catch anyone else wearing, or finding a band tee that’s worn in just enough to give off that zen-level of effortlessly cool.

Most of all, you get to revel in the glory of not contributing to the dark decaying black-hole that is fast fashion. The crux of it is supporting independent businesses, spending money on quality, unique pieces that you know actually last and obviously give a certain edge to your aesthetic.

In a way, vintage shopping is almost like an investment – you’re building up your collection of quality goods that grow in value over time, and seeing heaps of young people jump on board the trend is exciting.

So here’s a list of some of the best online vintage stores to get your collection of distressed goodies thriving.

Storeroom Vintage

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Storeroom Vintage is a legitimate Sydney institution. If you’re into vintage streetwear, old-school RnB oversized tees, and curated high fashion collections that’ll have your Y2K aesthetic sent to the next level, this is the store for you.  Every man and his dog have visited the iconic shop – Earl Sweatshirt, Halsey, Rico Nasty, and, Zendaya, just to name a few – to suss out whatever OG nylon Prada bag they’re slinging that week.

Their Storeroom Reworkd collection is also a huge move for sustainable fashion, in which old Nike, Adidas and FILA trackies are used to make into crop tops, dresses and more.

Just because you can’t visit instore and cop a dose of their next-level customer service (seriously if you name any obscure 90’s nu-metal band they will have a mint-condition heavy cotton shirt available for ya) doesn’t mean you can’t absolutely receive the clout you deserve from their online stock.

RetroStar Vintage

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The Melbourne-based stockist is your go-to stop if you’re itching to show the world that you’ve become a Pink Floyd stan or are absolutely yearning for a 60’s aesthetic revival. It’s chokka-block with floral print button-up shirts, retro long skirts and quirky accessories that’ll your look to the next level.

If that’s not your style don’t worry, the bountiful vintage lords have a variety of curated streetwear picks, worn-in denim and band tees for you to sink your teeth into.


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SWOP is full of truly one-of-a-kind pieces – angular jackets, plaid prints and chunky earrings fill their dazzlingly gorg racks of clothes.

Their ethos is founded in sustainability, and paying your fashion wins forward with a huge emphasis on selling your old gear, or trading off pieces for new finds (that you can shop via their IG too).

They’ve got contactless appointments set up for trade-ins due to ~the current situation~ so you can still de-clutter your space and find new threads whilst stuck at home.

Laneway Lemonade

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As you’re very aware, it’s getting cold. Like bitingly windy and can’t-get-out-of-bed type weather, but rugging up doesn’t have to mean looking like a total dag.

Laneway Lemonade are here to heat you up and keep you flexing with vintage Champion, Nike and Calvin Klein sweaters that are cute enough to wear in and out. They have new drops coming every week so we’d recommend signing up to their mailing list to stay in the know.

Vintage Marketplace

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The Melbourne-based powerhouse are offering up free shipping worldwide at the moment to satiate all of your fashion needs. There’s a reason as to why they’re one of the biggest vintage stockists in the country – they’ve simply got it all – vintage Seinfeld tees, puffer jackets, Carhartt beanies – you name it.

Restated Vintage

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Restated Vintage are just so meticulously organised it’s honestly inspiring to witness. The vintage lovers have their own app for browsing their wide collections, offering up 15% on your first order through it.

You could probably spend hours manifesting your new look on their website, IG or app, considering they add more than 200 items to their available stock a day.

If you’re feeling bold, you can also take a dip in one of their mystery boxes, which have in the past included pieces from Tommy Hilfiger, Champion and more.