6 Homewares Trends Set To Be Huge In 2024 You Can Try On A Kmart Budget

It’s the start of the year and you know what that means? Everyone is reinventing their personal style — from fashion to makeup, and living spaces.

Whether you’re finally graduating from your usual “university living aesthetic”, or you’re finally moving into your dream place, it’s never a bad time to continue updating your living space, and one easy place to start is your kitchen.

Thanks to TikTok, we can see that the biggest common trend in homewares right now is colourful and quirky designs. Kmart has been on top of the trends for a while, stocking everything from vintage-style glassware, chunky mugs, and pastel appliances.

So, if you need some inspiration, here are some of our fave homeware trends that you can shop on a budget.

Pastel Appliances


✨Some of my pink appliances!✨

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If you’ve been renting an apartment that’s been renovated in recent years, you may be used to the design trend of “Apple Minimalism” that dominated the late 2010s to early 2020s. Lately, trends are looking back to the 70s, with colourful, pastel kitchens.

TikTok has been swarmed with kitchens decked out with bright-coloured appliances. Everything from microwaves, coffee makers, kettles and dish drainers are gorgeously designed in pastel colours. It’s hard to deny that these make for a more stylish and cohesive kitchen. One that doesn’t look like Decepticons took over your living space.

It’s hard to deny that these make for a more stylish and cohesive kitchen.


This soft pattern is here to turn your house into a woolly cloud that you can sleep anywhere on.

Whether you choose boucle bedding or cushions to help make counting sheep feel immersive, or you just really love the visual flair, boucle homeware makes your house the coziest of the friend group.

Check Patterns

The Evermore of patterns. This one is 10000% for the Swifties.

Checkered is just such a classic aesthetic, but imagine cuddling up in a rug (or laying on a gorgeous checkered rug like this) like this while Tis The Damn Season gently plays in the background.

Neutral shades

While many are obsessed with the rise in colourful and loud colours for their home aesthetic, there is still a firm and secure place for neutral colours.

Neutral colours are great as they can provide you with more opportunities to layer other items and colours on top of them, giving you a flexible and ever-changing canvas to continue decorating.

See-through colourful glassware


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You know what? It’s time to have a little fun. Throw your inhibitions out the window. Dye your hair flouro pink. Sing out loud on the train. Start a cult.

Okay, maybe don’t go that far.

Instead, give your kitchen set up a bit of zing with some see-through, colourful glassware, which has become hugely popular in recent years.

If you love the look, but are struggling to find colourful sets within your budget, Kmart have a wide range of trendy sets — like these gorgina Bubble Highball cups that come in a deep, see-through green colour.

Chunky mugs


So many toadstools 😍 #frogtiktok #cottagecore #cuteart #handmade #handmademugs #potteryart

♬ stan fantastic mr fox – was saturnsnail :0

Similar to ceramic plates, chunky, ceramic mugs are also getting their time in the sun right now. For similar reasons, everyone is eager to find mugs that share a similar aesthetic to the rest of their homewares.

I don’t care to offend pretentious espresso drinkers by saying this but, chunkier mugs are also much nicer to hold on to thanks to their wider handles. Whoever designs a cup with a handle the size of a pinky finger deserves pebbles in their shoes.

It’s hard to deny that your coffee table was made to have these chunky stoneware mugs sit on them.

If you’re looking to update your houseware to the current trends or find something that matches your style, plenty of these items and more are available at Kmart to get you started.

Image Source: Kmart