The Completely Lush New Kmart Homewares Range Will Make You Flip Your Shit

Remember when Kmart wasn’t providing us constantly-broke folks with luxury looking homewares for dirt cheap prices? Yeah, that was a sad time. A time where we took couches off the street only to have them birth a hoard of spiders out of some secret nest. 

Kmart’s been nailing the homewares thing for a few years now, and every collection there’s a hero piece that everyone loses their shit over. Last round, it was a set of dining chairs that look like they could’ve been picked up at some primo living boutique.
Their latest collection, which drops next week, is sending people into total tailspins though. A few deep Kmart fans have gotten a sneak peek of the range, and their posts are going fucking nuts. How good is this Scandi-style shoe rack/bench, for example? According to Instagram user The Kmart Lover, it’s coming in at only $35 bucks.
Keen for more? Obviously. Peep this (faux) animal rug:

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This glazed set needs to be on my dining table immediately. And by dining table, I mean the coffee table because lol who eats at dining tables anymore amirite?

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Apparently Facebook groups of Kmart-lovers are already in full frantic fan-mode about the new collection, which despite not being ~officially~ released, has been spotted in the wild at several local stores. 
Ugh, that bath caddy… Whack some candles on it, switch the lights on, drop a lush bath bomb in, and you’ll forget all about the clumps of your housemate’s pubes behind the toilet. 
People are so antsy about the collection that they’re full-on sleuthing out their nearest stores, and reporting that they’ve seen a bunch of those sleek shoe racks being unloaded today – good news for people who are fanging for some ace designs on a very millennial-friendly budget. 
The new range, titled ‘Inspired Living‘, drops on August 3rd – and given it’s so cheap, you don’t even need to bother saving your pennies. With all this hype, though, you’re gonna want to be quick. Get your homeware-clickin’ fingers ready, my friends. Your house is gonna look so gooooood.

Image: Instagram / @kmartgrapevine.