Kmart’s New Homewares Range Has That Luxe Wavy Maximalist Vibe Without The Exxy Pricetag

kmart homewares new range 2023

The newest homewares range to hit Kmart shelves is perfect for those of us who are into luxe designer details but definitely don’t have the cash for them. A Moët appetite with a goon bag budget, if you will.

Specifically, those who love kitschy, maximalist energies with wavy and bulbous textures and shapes will be besotted with the new range. Some of the products going for well under a lobster ($20) look awfully like high-end pieces that would normally cost you closer to $150 a pop.

The Wavy range of tumblers and hi-ball glasses (available in amber and a royal blue) definitely look like a dupe for the far more expensive alternatives out there, which is great if you want to bring that playful aesthetic to the table without having to spend an arm and a leg on it.

kmart homewares designer dupe
Amber Wavy Hiball Glasses (6pk) – $14 [Image: Kmart Australia]
The scalloped and bubbly ripple look is seen throughout other statement pieces in Kmart’s latest home and living range including wall mirrors, trinket trays, vases and decorative candles.

Then there’s lots of rattan, bamboo, fuzzy boucle textures and warm white pieces to balance everything out and bring a feeling of comfort and calm.

Damn you really could have your whole house looking like the cosy, blissed-out reflection of a carnival sideshow mirror if you really wanted to.

kmart homewares designer dupe
Lennox Queen Cotton Quilt Cover Set – $49 [Image: Kmart Australia]
“This season, it’s about creating gentle, restful nooks within the home, while still injecting personality via pops of colour, unique textures and nostalgic shapes and angles,” Kmart divisional merchandise manager Meryn Serong told

So if you’re keen to refresh the vibe in your house or you want your next dinner party to look très chic without costing you more than a night out at a fancy-ass restaurant, you know where to go. I’d hazard a guess you’d probably also see me there so I’ll fight you over the last lot of amber tumbler glasses.