6 Folks Shared Their Cringe Underwear Mishaps & My Cooch Is Clenching Just Thinking About ‘Em

Undies are an essential element of all of our lives. They’re one of the unspoken, uniting forces of humanity. Everyone from Beyonce to John from down the road starts their day by putting on a pair of undies. It’s pretty beautiful when you think about it.

Given their sole purpose is to conceal our private bits, they can lend themselves to some, let’s say, funny experiences when their function doesn’t exactly go to plan.

So, for a little harmless laugh (with, not at), we got six folks to share their funniest underwear shenanigans, and they’re quite the darn hoot.

Getting The Bits On Display

“Went to an event in a very tight (and very short) dress. The dress was a vibe, and I felt fab, until I realised I’d forgotten to change into a g-string. I was wearing my regular, everyday undies (hello, panty lines). I had to take them off sneakily and pop them in the toilet bin.

I went underwear-less for the rest of the night, which would generally be okay in a longer dress, but this was the minny-est of all minny dresses. An awkward and uncomfortable night, to say the least.” — Lauren

“Went to a very important client meeting (wearing a sheer white top). After a long, boozy lunch, I walked out to my car and realised my bra had been undone the whole time. The cups were hanging around my chest. I could have died from embarrassment. RIP.”Sarah

“I was with my boyfriend then, and I had put on a cute set of underwear. We didn’t end up doing anything, but my friends had called for an impromptu movie night. I dropped my boyfriend at the station and drove straight to my friend’s house without thinking. I had the thinnest shirt on, and my fripples were on full display.”Ginger


The Peculiar Panty Chronicles

“I was at my boyfriend’s house, and we were hanging out in his room. His mum suddenly barges in and holds up a pair of the oldest and most hole-y undies I have ever seen and asks if they’re mine with a weird smirk on her face.

They were not mine, because, for one, I wouldn’t let my undies get to that state!! I immediately went red because I didn’t know what to say, but a second later, she laughed and said she was joking. Glad to say we aren’t together anymore.”Renee

“Went out with my mates to the pub late on a Saturday arvo (it was super casual). I had zero clean underwear, so I wore my housemate’s jocks (don’t judge me). The night quickly escalated. I ended up at a club and picked up a very cute guy. Forgot all about the jocks until I was in his bed…”Jessie

“I was getting ready for the gym in my work bathroom one afternoon. I was in a huge rush so I didn’t check to see if I’d left anything in my cubicle. As I was rushing out the door I was tapped on the shoulder by someone in a very senior position at my company who let me know I’d left my undies in there. Cringe.” — Peta

If you’re over your shuddering with second-hand embarrassment, it’s probably a good time to pencil in some time to do a bit of a spring clean of your undie drawer. However, if you are in need of a fresh set or two, Bras N Things gorg new curvy range will have you sorted for all of life’s endeavours — whether they turn belly-up or not.