WATCH: Bill Murray Is Beyond Handling The Chicago Cubs’ Historic Win

Watching your team crush a national championship is sweet. Seeing ’em do it after an 108-year drought is… Well. We don’t know, ’cause no top-flight Australian team has been cursed with such a long losing record. 

Fortunately for us, Bill Murray knows that feel, ’cause he just watched his beloved Chicago Cubs win baseball’s World Series for the first time since 1908.

Murray – and seemingly a full half of the United States – exploded after watching the Cubs overturn a 3 – 1 series deficit against the Cleveland Indians with their third W in a row. As the Cubs saw Game 7 out 8 – 7 after 10 innings this arvo, the legendary comic couldn’t help but get a lil’ emotional:

Then came the interviews. The Cubs’ talismanic fan, who’s served as fans’ emotional centre for the entire series, put words to his absolute elation:

Old mate even called out Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, saying the city’s tykes should get the rest of the week off:

And then the bloke even wound up on the other end of the microphone – and a champagne shower – while interviewing the team’s boss:

You best believe he necked that bad boy, too:

On this blessed day, we are all Bill Murray. Except for Cleveland fans – but they’ve had enough drought-breaking of their own recently, so let’s just give Bill this one.

Source: Chicago Tribune.
Photo: Ezra Shaw / Getty.