WATCH: Amateur Baller Smokes North’s Majak Daw In Grand Final Sprint

Well, look, we’re still waiting to see if this year’s hard-fought AFL Grand Final winds up with an upset result, but the day has already provided a bit of a win for the underdogs. 

As is tradition, a slew of the league’s paciest guns lined up to test their foot-speed without the risk of, you know, being utterly collected by another player.

Clad in far-too-bright gold tights, quick units including the Bombers’ Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti and the Cats’ Jed Bews assembled alongside North Melbourne’s towering Majak Daw, who came into this year’s sprint as reigning champ.

Sidling next to that vertically gifted man was 28-year-old James Shirley, who doesn’t ply his trade in the AFL, but in Victoria’s Southern Football League for the Murrumbeena Lions. 

TL;DR: Have a gander at the legs on this bloke:

11.47 seconds. Fair bloody effort, James. Looks like the two teams in the big show could use those legs going into the second half, too…

Source and photo: AFL / Twitter.