WATCH: ABC Confused Footy Fans Worldwide By Taking The Piss At Half-Time

Legendary Liverpool Football Club coach Bill Shankly once recalled the time someone told him “to you, football is a matter of life or death.” Shankly responded “listen, it’s more important than that.”
That veneration extended to last night’s broadcast of their exhibition match against Sydney FC, where the ABC brought out their most decorated football journalist: comedian Aaron Chen.
Instead of the attempts at detailed positional analysis you’d expect from the SBS crew, Chen was tasked with mingling with footy-mad fans for Aunty’s half-time content. It was… Unconventional. 

And glorious.

As you may be able to tell by the title of that there video, not everyone bought into Chen’s awkward schtick. It turns out that some of football fans like things done a little more traditionally. Who’d of thought?
Chen also copped it on Twitter, and responded in kind.

In truth, even more punters did get the joke. Even the most ardent of the Anfield faithful have to admit that celebrating the arrival of club icons like Steven Gerrard with a total piss-take is, as he’d say, boss.

And take this from an actual LFC fan: if you really want to piss off the last remaining Chen-haters, just tell ’em he has the exact same number of Premier League medals as Stevie G. 


Source and photo: ABC.