Usain Bolt Is The Fastest Meme On Earth After His Ridic Olympics Victory

Usain Bolt is the greatest sprinter of all time, and quite possibly the fastest human who has ever lived. That was probably the case before today’s three-peat triumph in the 100M at the Rio Olympics, but his stonking 9.81 second victory blew any doubt into outer goddamned space.

What’s even more boggling about the Jamaican athlete is the fact that – once again – the big man slowed down before reaching the finish line, just because he could. His wins at Beijing and London were accompanied by some well-deserved showboating, and today’s dash was no different. 

Footage of the race clearly shows the bloke turning to face the pack of photographers as he flashes that lightning-white grin. Fortunately, Aussie photographer Cameron Spencer was on the other end of that smile, and his shot has already come to define an era of Bolt’s dominance. 

It’s also bloody funny, and eminently meme-able. With the same power and charisma typical of one of the greatest sporting showmen of all time, the internet has wasted no time in co-opting the shot for their own lulzy means:

Perhaps the greatest categorisation of this newly-formed meme comes by way of Matt Sussman, who compared it to the other GOAT sporting image:

While this is, in all likelihood, Bolt’s last outing at the Olympics – bloke is 29, after all – we still dearly wish he’d return for Tokyo. If anyone could crack four in a row, it’d be him… but future us is also frothing at the thought of the dankness Bolt could deliver.

Source and photo: Cameron Spencer / Getty / @sporker_ / Twitter.