EXCUSE US: Usain Bolt Is Set To Start An A-League Trial With The Mariners

Sure, why not. According to reports from numerous outlets, fastest man alive Usain Bolt is in late-stage talks to start a trial run as a football player for none other than the Central Coast Mariners in the A-League.

Signalling the move, Mariners chief executive Shaun Mielekamp made a not-so-cryptic little tweet just before midnight last night. I wonder what that little lightning bolt could possibly mean? I simply cannot wrap my head around it.


According to the Daily Telegraph, Bolt is set for a six-week trial with the Mariners, with the possibility of a full season-long contract if he proves himself capable as well as, you know, extremely fast. It’d be a massive get for the A-League generally speaking and would no doubt bring international attention to Australia’s football scene.

I’m not entirely convinced ‘Reggae League’ is a great pun but it might actually be genius. Who knows?


This isn’t Bolt’s first flirtation with football. He played it in Jamaica before he turned his attention to athletics, and in his recent career he’s made brief appearances with teams in the Norwegian league and the Bundeslinga The Mariners could be his first go at a proper full-season contract.

Mielekamp told the Tele that this is a very real opportunity – not a gimmick:

This is a very real football opportunity, this is not a stunt or gimmick – we want to know if Usain can play. If he can, let’s light up the A-League and bring one of the biggest named athletes in sport to the Central Coast.

Imagine. Usain Bolt a Cenny Coast icon. He’ll be tearing up the Budgewoi RSL in no time at all, folks.

Bolt’s multimillion dollar proposed contract will be underwritten by the club and some unnamed Australian companies. It is believed he received offers from multiple clubs before the Mariners. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how he does in this trial.