US Open Doubles Back On 2020 Wheelchair Tennis Comp After Pressure From Dylan Alcott & Fans

The US Open has announced it will hold the 2020 Wheelchair Tennis tournament after pressure from star players including Andy Murray, Dylan Alcott and Roger Federer, and meetings with wheelchair athletes looking to compete in the annual competition.

In a statement – which was shared by Dylan Alcott on Twitter – the US Open confirmed it will bring the full wheelchair competition to the New York state over September this year, including the men’s and women’s singles and doubles, and quads singles and doubles.

The decision comes after Dylan Alcott accused the US Tennis Association and US Open of discrimination after the 2020 tournament was launched for able-bodied adult players, omitting disabled players – allegedly without consulting with them.

“The decision was made following multiple virtual meetings with a group of wheelchair athletes and the International Tennis Federation over the last week,” the statement read.

“Wheelchair athletes will follow the same health and safety procedures as all players participating in the US Open.”

Dylan praised the US Open for going back on its initial decision, noting that the pressure from players and fans shows signs of progress in the tennis community, noting that this kind of reconsideration wouldn’t have happened in previous years.

The US Open also confirmed that the wheelchair competition will take place on its traditional dates on the sport’s calendar, kicking off on September 10 at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre.