UFC Star Shares Gruesome Photo Of Fingertip Torn Off In Freak Accident

You would think that when a UFC fighter puts a post on social media about an injury he has suffered, that it probably happened during the intense training regime they go through, or perhaps during a fight, when someone else is trying to beat the absolute shit out of them.

But not in the case of ‘Short FuseEd Herman, a 10-year veteran of the MMA, who shared an extremely graphic photo of an injury he suffered to the tip of his finger out of the ring.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, he revealed that it was torn off in a freak accident at his house.

Herman’s house had been without running water for weeks, and he was helping a plumber repair the well that sends water to his house when the accident happened.

As each section of pipe comes out, you put the clamp on the pipe and then you unscrew it and take it out. Then you gotta hook the crane thing back up to the next piece of piping. But I kind of jumped the gun and didn’t realize he didn’t hook it back up all the way. I pulled the clamp lever and it started falling back down into the well housing and my instincts were to grab a hold of it. For some reason. Like I could actually catch it, I’m so strong.

It just sucked my hand right down into the well housing. Before I could let go of it all the way, it caught the tip of my finger and just chopped the tip of my finger off. Luckily I kind of let go or it would have took all four of my fingers. I’m kind of lucky in a sense that it didn’t do that.


Ed reckons he has to go in for surgery later this week, and while there is no hope of reattaching the fingertip, they hope to repair the wound with some sort of plastic surgery, which he doesn’t think will impact his ability to fight.

I don’t think so. It’s just like a half inch of the finger. It could be possibly a little bit of grip, like when I’m grabbing around the wrist or when I’m doing gi training. Now I’ll only have three grips to grab with. But they should be able to make me a nice little stub that I’m still able to use. It shouldn’t be an issue.

Herman admits that it “was a totally stupid ass move” and says that he’ll “stick to punching people” instead.

Now I am going to share the photo he posted with you. It is QUITE GRAPHIC so please only scroll down if you really want to see. Imagine a guy whose fingertip has been torn off, and that is what you are about to see. Close up.
















Don’t say I didn’t warn you.