That Massive Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm Fight Just Wrapped Up In Melbourne

Melbourne is currently the picture of tranquility. Azure skies spread in all directions, and the city is being lightly caressed by gentle breezes. All of this is in stark contrast to what’s been going down at Docklands Stadium, where professional fighters have been beating, kicking, throwing and choking the ever-loving shit out of each other all afternoon. 
None of those fights were more hyped up than UFC 193’s match-up between absolute machine/pop-culture phenom ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey and challenger Holly Holm. 
Bantamweight champ Rousey’s 12-0-0 record and her lightning-quick take-down of previous opponent Bethe Correia stacked up pretty favourably against Holm’s impressive 9-0-0 before the fight, and…


NAH SERIOUSLY, spoilers.

Oh, okay, fine…

… That reputation didn’t even come in to it, with Holm delivering a kick straight into Rousey’s face, claiming a huge upset win by K.O in the second round.

So, basically…
Make of that what you will, MMA fans. We’ll just be here, thankful we don’t make a living by eating hits like that.
Story via Reddit.
Image: Josh Hedges via Getty.